Ghost Hunters on TV

Research into ghost lore of the midwest continues, and it's FUN. I'll get back to providing you with Random Ghost Facts later.

But last night, just for laughs, I watched GHOST HUNTERS on the Sci Fi Channel. And with all due respect, it was awful.

They investigated two sites: a lighthouse and a museum/old house. We watched the team go through each location loaded down with technical equipment that was never really explained. Ooh, a plasma injector with a Heisenberg compensator!

They also didn't find any ghosts. Or evidence of ghosts, other than a slight cold spot in a 100-year-old lighthouse. Hmm, ya think? Okayfine, I wasn't really expecting disembodied spirits, but some discussion of what they were looking for, a dissection of the history of the location... we got about thirty seconds of background in the midst of fifteen minutes of "We're really looking forward to this" nonsense.

But worst of all... it sank endlessly into personal Drahmah between the ghosthunters themselves. One of them snapped at another, and so we're sunk under endless minutes of people being interviewed about "tension within the team," and asking each other if they're okay, and the leader expounding on how escalating tension means someone has to go, and delving into the snappish one's personal life...

Holy Casper on a pogo stick, if I want THE REAL WORLD, I'll frakkin' watch it, okay? I was cooking dinner while this tripe was on, and even then I was so bored I wanted to dive for the zapper and make it go away, make these whiners shut the hell up... come on, people, talk to me about history and ghosts and ectoplasmic energy if you must. Reality TV has invaded my paranormal world, and I must run and hide.

GHOSTHUNTERS will not be on my research list. I will, however, take a look at the Discovery Channel's new series about hauntings, beginning this Friday. And not just because the first house is right around the corner from here.