Cover reveal for MOONLIGHT SONATA!

T-minus one week for the release of Moonlight Sonata, and I couldn't be happier. This collection has been a long time coming, and I'm delighted that this macabre mix of old friends and new stories will finally see print. Some of the pieces have been previously published, but at least half have never before seen the light of day, and I hope you'll like them.

Wanna see a cover?

I love my creepy little crow. I think I'll name him Edgar.
From the back cover:

All that can kill you is what you carry with you.

Imagine a haunted church, where the ground has turned sour and something walks in the shadows to the mournful hymns.

A silent covered bridge that no one dares to cross.

Angry spirits that cry out from beneath the ground of a cemetery that will not lie still.

An ageless man bound in love to a mortal woman, forever moving, forever haunted.

A police officer chasing a suspect into the woods - and suspects they are no longer alone.

A woman preparing to leave her husband, watched by unseen eyes in the corner of the room.

A voice that can speak only through a radio, a voice from beyond death itself.

A man haunted by an ageless face that brings tragedy to his life whenever it appears.

A girl whose imagination carries her beyond the point of no return in a future where dreams become reality - and so do nightmares. 

These are the dark, ethereal songs of Moonlight Sonata, stories bound to disturb your sleep and chill your heart. A new collection from the award-winning author of Setting Suns and Nocturne Infernum, Elizabeth Donald has been called “a storytelling ability to rival that of Stephen King.”

I thank a gazillion people in the afterword, so if you want to see the full list, you'd best buy the book. But I wanted to take a quick moment to thank my editor, Allan Gilbreath, who put up with approximately four bazillion emails over the course of this book's production; the Eville Writers, who've lived and suffered with this thing almost as long as I have; Man and Boy, speaking of living and suffering; the First Readers, who know who they are; and Seanan McGuire, for letting me use one of her lyrics as the perfect introduction to this collection of creepy tales.

As usual, I'm running preorders, which reserves you a copy in the first print run and helps us kick off the book's release. Trade paperbacks are $15 and hardbacks (!!!) are $30. Yes, my first hardback. Preen.

Are you local to the metro-east/St. Louis? Select "local pickup" and pick up your copy at a book release event! I set up in a coffeehouse for an evening and you can drop by and pick up your copy without paying for shipping. If you've never ordered from me before, know that I am happy to autograph/personalize your copy and of course there's no additional charge.