I did time in Jefferson City....

We spent the last four days relaxing with my dad and stepmom at their house at the Lake of the Ozarks. It was a wonderful respite, and delightful to see the folks, whom we get to see far too little now that they're retired.

(Well, sort of retired. Karen's still doing therapy, they wrote a book together, Dad's thinking about picking up one class a semester...)

For everyone who said "Tell your folks I said hi," your good wishes were duly passed on.

Dad took us out on the boat, where the menfolk caught a lot of snarled fishing line, and there were many bites.... from mosquitoes. Not so much the fish. At one point Dad declared a spot was "fished out," and I replied, "Don't you actually have to catch a fish for that to happen?" Hee.

We went on a tour of the Missouri State Prison in Jefferson City, which was fascinating! Photographs are pending, and possibly a short story or two. I may write up a separate post on that experience later this week, once the photos are processed and I've had time to do a little more research. Alas, we went on the regular tour, but they offer ghost tours at night and I'd love to try that one sometime.

We went shopping, we ate a ridiculous amount of food, we hit the outlet mall and Boy acquired new shoes in Size Gargantuan for the oncoming school year. We watched the beginning of the Olympics together, which is always a treat, and a good time was had by all.

I also acquired a new toy: a Bosch stand mixer. Now, I was pretty familiar with the Kitchenaid variety, but had never owned one. So now I need to find some recipes! If you've ever used a Bosch and have any tips to pass on, or if you have good stand-mixer recipes, please let me know. Homemade bread, here we come!

Um, probably next weekend. I've got one of those Hell Weeks coming up where we have something going on every night of the week. Sometimes I need to be twins. Or to go sit by a lake.