Fall Deathmarch and/or Stalking Guide

Each year, I swear I'm not going to do this to myself anymore. I keep swearing....

No Dragoncon for me this year, and at the moment, I do not have any Atlanta stops planned. If there seems to be sufficient interest, I may plan a bungee stop in the spring tour, but in the meantime, I hope my Atlanta fans have an awesome Dragoncon! Buy lots of books!

Sept. 9-11: Memphis, Tenn. on personal business, but am happy to meet with anyone for books or art! Deadline for ordering is Sept. 8.

Sept. 17-21: New Orleans, La. for the Excellence in Journalism conference, at which I am honored to represent the St. Louis Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists as president and delegate. A reminder to the STLSPJ crew: if you have any opinions you wish to express on the issues we will debate at EIJ, please contact me in advance. I'll be traveling via Memphis in case anyone wants to meet up.

Sept. 25: Back home. Booked to moderate/host the St. Louis Society of Professional Journalists' free public screening of Spotlight, hopefully with an after-show panel discussion of local journalists who have conducted similar investigations here in St. Louis. That program is hosted by the Missouri History Museum and sponsored by a grant from the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation.

Sept. 30-Oct. 2: Archon. As usual, the Literary Underworld will have its booth and hot and cold running authors in the panels, and my artwork will be on display in the art show. New this year: We hope to bring the LitUnd Traveling Bar to the Friday night party scene! That is still tentative as we are trying to make sure we can afford it and still pay the rent. Last year we had so many people ask us if the Traveling Bar would be open at Archon that we booked a room at the main hotel to give ourselves the option. See you in Collinsville!

Oct. 7-9: Louisville, Ky. for Imaginarium. Literary Underworld will be there in force, including the Traveling Bar. I've said several times that if you're a beginning author of any genre, whether you're planning to go for New York, small press, or aiming to do it yourself, you should go to Imaginarium. The programming there is more tightly focused on developing the creative arts both internally and as a business than any convention I know. Strongly recommended.

Oct. 15: Dupo arts fair in Dupo, Ill. Tentative.

Oct. 16: Leclaire Parkfest in Edwardsville, Ill. Fortunately, this one is just around the corner from my house. We will have our booth set up with books and art, and the St. Andrew's Relay for Life team will be running a used book sale for the first time. This is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and support is greatly appreciated (both in terms of cash and volunteers! we need warm bodies).

Oct. 22-23: Back home for a weekend crammed with personal stuff.

Oct. 28-30: Halloween. And I'm freaking home.

Nov. 4-6: Jim's and my anniversary trip, which we swear we won't cancel just because we're crazed.

Nov. 12: SPJ trivia night, the sole fundraiser for the St. Louis Society of Professional Journalists. Details pending.

And that, friends, is where you can find me over the next two and a half months. I will not be taking on any new editing projects in September or October for obvious reasons, unless the client states that they don't mind waiting in line until November. I don't have a solid release date yet for Moonlight Sonata, but once it's out, I expect the travel will pick up again.

I swear I'm not going to do this to myself next year....