Snippets - Childless Edition

Boy was visiting his grandparents for spring break last week. Thus, we were left to our own devices and had no idea how much milk to buy.

For the purposes of this Snippet, you should understand that Jim can text me from his iPad. And that texting is our primary form of marital communication, given our divergent schedules.

JIM: Hon! Run Find My iPhone! Someone stole my phone out of class!
ME: *scrambles to FMiP, runs locator, cannot find because phone is off, locks phone and sets locator sound*
JIM: Never mind, found it. Everything is okay.
ME: Oops. I just locked it.
JIM: Unlock it when you can, love.
ME: I can't until it's online. Turn it back on, goofball.
JIM: Sorry. It slipped down into my bag.
ME: *disdainful smilie* Is it working?
JIM: Just called you. Can you call back?
ME: Give me a second, sparky. I was in the middle of something.


ME: Okay, what can we learn from this experience?
JIM: I'm sorry.
ME: First, keep your damn phone on. You can set it to silent during class without actually turning it off, and then we can track where it is. All you have to do is exercise the self-control not to look at it during class.
JIM: Yes dear.
ME: Second, before pressing the panic button, maybe check your freaking bag?
JIM: Yes dear.


ME: *angryface*
JIM: What??
ME: I can't say.
ME: Stupid TV show is stupid.
JIM: Oh, ok.
ME: No, not you.
JIM: Good.
ME: I'd actually say if I was mad at you.
JIM: Was scared.
ME: Why would you be scared? I'm harmless.
JIM: Bullshit.
ME: Catch up on our shows so I can complain to you.