Bad idea...

Note: Boy has not been watching Agent Carter with me. Like most of you. Would you watch this show already before they kill it?

So I'm watching Agent Carter and Boy walks into the room.

CHARACTER: What if we use gamma rays to -
ME: *bursts out laughing*
BOY: Just no.
ME: So not having watched the show over the last two seasons, knowing nothing about the technobabble plot...
BOY: Gamma rays. Bad idea.
ME: *still giggling* It never really does work out, does it?
BOY: What is this? Is that Howard Stark?
ME: Agent Carter, and yes. You really should be watching this.
BOY: *evil grin* Nah, it's about a woman...
ME: See, you say stuff like that and you think you're funny, but what you're really doing is making sure you don't get dinner.
BOY: Ha ha, there's laws.
ME: Don't push that one too hard.