The Muse Drops Me a LIne

ME: Urrrrrrrgh. I'm awake.
MUSE: No, you're not.
ME: Am too. I'm sitting up in my bed, holding my iPad.
MUSE: Better put it to use, then.
ME: You. YOU. Where the royal fuck have you been?
MUSE: Working on this. Here, have the entire plot and every word of that project. *waves*
ME: Holy crap. I know what happens. I know how it ends. I even know how to get to how it ends. I have the whole damn thing in my head. Fucking finally.
MUSE: Told you I was working.
ME: You might've shown up a bit earlier. This thing was due months ago.
MUSE: Fuck you.
ME: Glad to see you still have the same agreeable nature.
MUSE: You gonna write that down or what?
ME: I don't think I can get it all in the iPad. I should go downstairs and find my laptop.
MUSE: You're not gonna be able to do that.
ME: Why not?
MUSE: I told you. You're not actually awake. You're dreaming.
ME: What? I'm dreaming? So what about the story? The words? All this in my head -
MUSE: It'll be gone when you wake up. You're only dreaming that you have it.
ME: You bitch.
MUSE: Sure, call me some fucking names, then I'm definitely running back. Me and all my friends.
ME: Since when do you have friends?
MUSE: Shut the fuck up and go back to wake.
ME: No, no no no I need the story I need the....