Rethinking this whole "til death do us part" thing...

Ian and I marched from the kitchen into the bedroom, where Jimmy had just gotten off the phone. We stood in the doorway with twin expressions of dismay, arms crossed.

JIMMY: What'd I do?
ME: The chocolate fondue I made for the party. Dark, rich, delicious molten chocolate from scratch.
JIMMY: Down the drain.
ME: Nooooooo!
IAN: Chocolate!
JIMMY: It had gotten all hard!
ME: It's CHOCOLATE. You plug the pot back in and it melts again!
ME: You killed the chocolate!
IAN: He needs punishment.
ME: He does.
IAN: He's grounded!
ME: Or something like that. You are a bad man! A bad, bad man!
JIMMY: I am not!
ME: From scratch. That was good chocolate. You know what that costs? You owe me chocolate.
JIMMY: I will buy you chocolate tomorrow when I get paid.
ME: It's not the same.
JIMMY: *tries to kiss me*
ME: No! I do not kiss bad men.
JIMMY: *kisses me*
ME: Bad, bad man!


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