Snark, thy name is Boy

BOY: Mom, can I have a cuppy cake?
ME: Hmm. How many did you have this morning?
BOY: Two.
ME: That's a lot of cupcake. 
BOY: Pleeeeease?
ME: First explain why you're calling them cuppy cakes.
BOY: I've always done that.
ME: You have not. You started when you heard Jimmy do it.
BOY: Pleeeeeeease.
ME: Okay.
BOY: *arrives*
ME: I said ONE cupcake!
BOY: This one is for my imaginary friend.
ME: Oh really. Who's your imaginary friend?
BOY: Bob.
ME: That's the best you can do?
BOY: Wilfred the Magic Dragon. What.
ME: Better.