Today I did something I never did before: went to a write-in.

I'm not officially doing Nanowrimo, because it requires you to upload your work and I can't do that when it's under contract. But the local Nano group is active and fun, so I've kind of been lurking on the outskirts.

After freezing my tuckus off herding Cub Scouts in the Veterans Day parade, we went to Denny's, where the Nanoers were working. The boy ate the world's ittiest hot dogs - "Mom! They're tiny!" - and I worked on the book.

Surprisingly, it worked well. The boy studiously work on his MomSchool papers while I typed, and I got a good bit done. We might have gotten more done if we'd had more than an hour or so. I was very pleased - it's possible, then, that I could take him with me to other write-ins and see what I get accomplished.

I truly wish I knew why it's so hard to write at home. It can't just be my lack of an office. There has to be a reason why the atmosphere is not conducive to creativity. There has to be.

Tomorrow is a night-shift day. I'll spend the morning doing a few chores, but by noon I want to be writing until my shift begins. Progress, baby.

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