the bite of a monstrous mosquito

I can't take credit or blame for a mosquito with an eight-foot wingspan. Not my idea. Everyone, please go blame Randy Richards, creator of Dreadmire. He's the sick and twisted one. Muahahaha.

ME: I forgot how much I enjoyed hurting my characters in chapter seven. Does that make me a bad person?
SELENA: Since your characters are figments of your imagination, it just makes you a masochist.
ME: But I enjoy the screams of anguish from my First Readers as they experience the misery and grief. Is that unChristian?
SELENA: Would that make it the Passion of the Christ?
ME: Didn't see that one. I read the book. :)

Arr, arr.

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  1. Actually, I thought the ancient Romans invented the giant mosquito.

    Well, sorta.

    The strix (plural strige) was a flying creature that cried in the night, causing strife and devouring humans.

    Gary Gygax made them into giant mosquitos called stirge.

  2. Ugh. Thanks for reminding me about those mosquitoes. I had just now managed to forget that scene. Ugh. Eww, eww, eww.

    Just because someone else created them doesn't mean that you aren't responsible for how you envision them acting. Also, just because I call a book gruesome doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it. Eww, eww, eww. ;-)


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