I should dock the payment for all the FirstReaders. In the first draft, the boat lands on a sidebar, folks. SIDEBAR. As in an article that accompanies a larger article in a newspaper. Usually, see, a boat would land on a sandbar. I think I was a little tired when I wrote that.

Also, I don't pay the FirstReaders. Well, some of them get cookies.

Met up with the Nanoers again today. I find this is very helpful in keeping me going. I really think it's valuable. I've never been able to write with anyone else around before, and it's good when everyone's on the same work ethic: crank it out. Also, I can never remember whether farther or further is distance, and someone always knows that shit.

Tomorrow: major rewrite of the elf village sequence. That's going to take some serious caffeine.

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  1. HAHA!! I read your twitter earlier and still couldn't figure out what we had done wrong! I read the word sidebar and substituted sandbar in my head! Guess it's Hooked On Phonics for me for Christmas!

  2. I find that hilarious. :)


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