bonus chapter: achieved

Well, my basic goal for this afternoon's write-in was to get through the new chapter detailing a flashback to Wynter's adventures. Achieved, more or less. What I learned, however, was that my son is not always capable of sitting quietly while I work.

Granted, he's... my son. But he did very well at the previous write-in, armed with his MomSchool bag full of workbooks, crayons, books, etc. He worked steadily on his MomSchool workbooks while I cranked out the work. This time he had all that, plus toys at the coffeehouse and his DVD player. Yet for some reason he simply could not focus on any one activity. At all. Every fifteen minutes or so he needed something, and that meant no focus for me, either.

I'm not at all happy with the new scene, but I think I'll be able to fix it. Now all I need is to make time slow the hell down so I can finish it all on time. Today was not a good day for mom-writer-life balance, folks. I could've used a clone of me cleaning the apartment, doing the shopping, and washing towels. And another clone to play with the boy, baking cookies, doing needlework while we drink hot cocoa and load up on the holiday movies. With the third me holed up with a double espresso, mired (pardon the pun) in the swamp.

Unfortunately, there's only one me. So tomorrow is cleaning/cooking day, and I'll do the next chapter... sometime soon. The frustration level is high, and I think the work is suffering. But there's only the one me, and she's broke.

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