Walking in Memphis

I spent the weekend in my old town, tooling around with my friends from college. It's always a blast to see them, even if they do remember way too much of my youthful shenanigans. Ho-hum, look at ceiling, nice day for a morning, eh?

But while I was in town, I thought I'd get a little work done. When I was last in Memphis in March, I hit all the independent bookstores I could find, but Burke's Books (famous indie new-used store) was in the process of moving from its fabled location on Poplar next to Circuit Playhouse to a new location in the Cooper-Young district. So this trip, I hit Burke's. Missed the owners, but the kind young man behind the counter took my pitch kit.

I also dropped by the main branch of the Memphis library and the University of Memphis library to donate copies of Setting Suns, along with contact info in case they have any questions or concerns. The Memphis library didn't exist when I was in college, and if it had, I would have LIVED there. It's an enormous glass and stone cathedral to The Book, and I was awed into hushed voice just by walking in.

The University of Memphis library, however, was Nostalgia R Us. The sound the doors made when they whooshed open, the smell of books and paper that hit me as I walked in... suddenly I was twenty and on my way to the computer lab, where I would spend countless hours.... um, studying! Working on papers! Not playing on MUDs, what are you talking about?


This is a long, silly way of saying that if you live in Memphis, SETTING SUNS is now or shortly will be available at both the city and campus libraries. Yes, it was a tax-deductible donation, but really, the thought that my work is available at the alma mater of my heart is more than enough. My degree may read University of Tennessee, and I am fond of it, but my heart belongs to Memphis. Always.


  1. I really love both of those libraries.


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