Therapy Chat/Halloween Party!

You asked for it, you're gonna get it. Since so many readers have told me they need therapy after finishing ABADDON, we're gonna give you another chat to let out your feelings. Oh, and celebrate Halloween with your fellow lunatics.

WHO: All you characters, god help me
WHAT: Therapy/Halloween Chat!
WHEN: 7-9 p.m. CST Tuesday, Oct. 23
WHERE: The Wilderness Chat Room (directions below)
WHY: To discuss ABADDON and/or throw things at the author, plus celebrate a horrorific Halloween! The usual prizes and silliness, only the trivia questions will be about horror movies and novels, not just my stuff.

You know you wanna.

Wilderness Chat Room

a) Go to
b) Wait while it loads. This can take a minute. You may see a little coffee cup thinking.
c) If it asks you if you trust the applet, you say YES.
d) You'll see a little black screen. Click File and go down to Connect.
e) It will ask you for a login name and password. You only have to do this step once.

Alternately, if you have a favorite telnet-based chat client or mud client, you can connect using: 4000. Raise your hand if you know what that means.