Tonight is celebrating her three (!!) October releases in a chat. Drop by! I will unfortunately be working, but I'm in awe of her productivity.

When: Monday, October 29, 8 PM, Central
Where: Angel's Chat Room. and click the "Enter my Chat room" link
Why: to promote "Raising the Dead," "Shifting Back" and "Ain't No Easy Run"
Why should you come: fun! Frolic! free e-books!

Also, M.R. Sellars is getting serious ink today. Actually yesterday, but I had no time to read the Sunday Post. Murv is a helluva guy, and he makes good book. Seriously, when I was a barely-published hack with two e-zines to my name, he sat down with me and gave me some of the best career advice ever, and made me a fan. He also writes the terrific Rowan Gant mystery series, in which his detective is a witch of the real-life Wiccan variety. He also is a witch, and he began writing the series in part because he wanted to see a realistic portrayal of Wicca in genre fiction.

The Q&A is here, and worth reading.

You can buy his books directly from him at his site, or you can hunt for them at your local independent bookstore. But as always, I urge you to buy small press books directly from the author, not from Amazon, because then Murv gets to keep more of your money. I recommend reading the series in order, by the way.

He always releases a new one at Halloween. I assume that's why the Q&A in the Post.