Signs you're done for the day: “So the full-immersion course isn’t standard?” Cat said, trying to crack jokes. No one was laughing. Including the author. Fuck!

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It's like when I get in the room with JASPR, the fun dies. I intended for them to lighten up the book, expand a bit in the world of ghostliness and most of all, expand the word count. It ain't working. It's not the characters' fault - okay, maybe it is, they're all a little too sour. Either Shane or Justin needs to be the serious one, and the other one needs to be a smartass. I think it needs to be Justin - Shane's all law-and-order.

I don't know. I'm into a new sequence now, the break in the parade o' flashbacks. Chapter Five is one giant flashback, from the boys as kids up to the promise at the river. Then we break, and Cat spends a little time with JASPR trying to figure out what the hell is going on (and going on an investigation) before she goes running back to Colin for the next round of flashbacks. Otherwise we spend two chapters in the past, and by then nobody gives a rat's ass what's going on in Cat-time. Cat who?

Fuck! I'm beginning to think this book sucks.

Today's Research:

• A CAT scan commonly costs $900 cash. CAT scan! Geddit? *facepalm* I have no funny today.

• The common rifle used by U.S. soldiers during World War I was the Springfield rifle, manufactured in Springfield, Mass. When it fell into short supply, soldiers used the less-reliable Enfield. Derivatives of the Springfield remained in use until the Korean War. Silly autobiographical note: The esteemed author Elizabeth Donald spent the bulk of her childhood in Westfield, Mass., which is a hop, skip and two jumps from Springfield, Mass. In fact, she played in the Springfield Youth Orchestra as a lass. The cello. Badly.


  1. This book does not suck. Writing it may suck, but, hey, that's what writing is... otherwise everyone would write and too much of what was written would suck.

    I've either forgotten or never knew, but what is JASPR?

  2. First off, this book definitely does not suck... This is a great story...

    Second - I think you're trying too hard... Maybe this is just my point of view, but JASPR = geek snark... That's got to come naturally to you... the conversation aught to flow like chats with the gang... (co-ed naked ghost hunting? ;)


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