Zombies R Us

That was actually a suggested title. My father is not always helpful when it comes to titles. He did come up with A MORE PERFECT UNION, but that book kinda tanked, so maybe I can blame him.

You ever hear a piece of music that just completely changes the picture in your head? I had pretty much figured out how I was going to write this zombie novella. I don't have enough time to write the whole thing, then research it and rewrite it from scratch, which is my usual procedure. So I'm doing something amazing: plotting and researching it BEFORE I write it.

This is why God laughs when we make plans.

I was just about ready, folks. Had it all, down to the willing victims (though I still need a few more soldiers). Then I attended a pirate festival this past weekend. I heard a terrific band called Three Pints Gone, and their performance of, "A Sailor's Prayer."

Suddenly the novella is going in a totally different direction. And I can't call it "The Monsters on Main Street" anymore.

So thanks to Three Pints Gone, for absolutely knocking me over (almost literally) with your performance. But a bit of a knacker to you as well, because now I have to start all over with the research and the plotting.

Zombies. They're the things that go CHOMP in the night.


  1. Do I still get to kick ass??

  2. T.K. Reilly9:46 AM

    That kind of sucks, but I hope the new idea is a better one. I haven't even begun my research yet, though I pretty well have the plot ironed out and all that. I just need to figure out the exact time setting and learn all I can about it before I actually begin writing.

    You actually rewrite the whole thing, like twice? *agog* I'm too lazy for that. LOL.


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