DRAGONCON: Swimming in the Hard Rock Cafe

11:32 p.m. EDT Thursday
Atlanta Hilton

This just in: Frank Fradella cannot be trusted near water.

After spending hours waiting for Anne and Dana to make it down from North Carolina, and for Frank to make it up from Florida, we finally met up at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was loud, and we're old. But a good time was had nonetheless.

I am never getting over the sight of an entire restaurant of conpeople and several waitpersons doing the YMCA dance as the Village People cavorted on TV screens. I think I laughed so hard I ruptured something. Particularly when we all pointed at Frank every time they sang, "Young man!"

This was after Frank had spilled a full glass of ice water in my lap.

This was before Frank spilled another full glass of water on Anne and himself.

The waitpeople started making cracks about our table. Each time they brought us more water, they placed it as far away from Frank as possible.

Dana suggested that perhaps our table was salvaged from the Titanic.

Conclusion: Frank Fradella plus water equals BRRR in uncomfortable places.

We have now safely navigated the travel, hotel and registration hoops and are ensconced in our Hilton room in the sky, drinking Captain Morgan's rum and Diet Coke, waiting for DragonCon TV to come the hell on already, and annoyed with the hotel for refusing us a rollaway bed. It's going to be, er, cozy in the room.

But as we toasted about an hour ago: Here's to DragonCon, here's to the Dragon Ladies, here's to good times and no drama. And my own private plea: Please-God let me move some books.