9:36 a.m. CST
St. Louis Lambert Airport

I am disappointed. Not only did I not get strip-searched by the TSA, but the St. Louis airport does not have wireless, free or otherwise. Rats.

Muchas gracias to Chris, for generously getting up at the crack o' dawn to help me finangle my enormous luggage and less-enormous son. I am happy to report that a combination of judicious packing, logistics engineered by Chris, and a small shipping issue reduced Monstro's weight to 50.5 lbs. and they let me slide on the half pound. Which is good, because I try not to throw fits at airports for fear of Gitmo, but damn.

Of course, it means I'll be hauling 50 lbs. of Monstro, 22 lbs. of DanaBag and 25 lbs. messenger bag across Atlanta. Dragon Ladies: I will need a shower and possibly a shot of morphine when I arrive. Darn books.

After all my fretting and careful planning, I got through check-in and security molestation in about, oh, ten minutes. It took longer to take off my boots and barrette and put them back on than it did to get through the X-ray machine that is probably giving us all cancer.

Upside: The concourse has Cinnabon. There is no bad here. I still have an hour and twenty minutes to kill before I get on the plane. Hotlanta, here I come!

P.S. Tonight is the annual Dragon Ladies Drink-n-Bitch session. After which we will all post fake porn excerpts so everyone thinks we're participating in an all-girl orgy.