DRAGONCON: Sex and Booze

Okay, not really sex.

Today was a very good day. I spent much of the day at the iHero booth hawking New Babel books, including my own. We moved several books, and I was quite pleased with the turnout considering the iHero booth is as far in the corner of the dealer's room as you can get and still be in the dealer's room and not the parking lot.

I finally met the dashing David Wallsh, and we attended the artists' reception together. There's a few really interesting pieces, and I already know the piece of art I'm going to buy if I make enough money at the booth.

I wore the Cleavage Dress to the sex panel - there's always a sex panel, and I'm always on it. The marvelous Fred Grimm was the moderator, and tossed a good bit of snark this way. He also stuck me with the Question: What's the difference between erotica and porn? I could repeat my answer, but the post-panel alcohol has muddled my brain. Suffice to say I have made an ass of myself only twice today - a good balance for con - and neither was at the sex panel. I also sold several books after the panel.

Then Frank and David both joined me at Vernard and Melodee's party, which was, as usual, a blast and a half. Vernard always mixes drinks according to the person's taste and personality, and he always gets it right. Frank bailed early, but David hung around for a while. Later I finally met Russ and bumped into about nine other people I haven't seen in a year. I tell you, there's nothing like Dragoncon for a few blasts of fun with friends.

Any pictures of me should be disregarded. I had a couple of drinks.

Also, there are pictures of Vernard and another man nibbling on Dana's neck. I had nothing to do with encouraging this. Okay, I had very little to do with it.

Nothing that glows was consumed, and it was good to spend an evening laughing with friends. There's worse ways to wind down the night.

Tomorrow: More bookselling. We shall sell more books, Master. Yes.