How do I get myself into this...

Preparing to leave Dairy Queen, Boy catches a glimpse of hockey on the TVs they never turn off.

BOY: [terrible Russian accent] Is Vladimir Tarasenko da hockey player!
ME: God, that's awful.
BOY: Is Russian!
ME: You're about as Russian as Boris Badanov.
BOY: Who?
ME: Oh God.
BOY: *shrugs*
ME: Moose undt Squirrel! [bullwinkle] "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!"
BOY: I have no idea what you're talking about.
ME: Oh my God I'm so old. And you are deprived.

This naturally meant we had to go look up some clips, searching terms like "Boris and Natasha," "Rocky and Bullwinkle rabbit out of my hat," and "Rocky and Bullwinkle bad puns."

So he did his own searching, and discovered the eminently forgettable 2000 film. Which he thought looked quite amusing, and now he wants to watch it.

ME: But you couldn't possibly get the gags since you didn't watch the show!
BOY: Then we'll just have to find the episodes and watch the show!


  1. Franco11:44 AM

    I once was seeing a Russian born doctor at a teaching hospital and she was being rotated to another area. Since it was the last time I would see her I asked her if she would say "moose and squirrel". She asked "what is moose and squirrel?" I explained to her about Bullwinkel and Rocky, which felt odd to explain to an innocent lady about how the Cold War contributed
    to a kid's cartoon made fun of her people and her indirectly. Then as I was checking out with the receptionist and making my next appointment and paying, she asked again and I explained all over as the American born receptionist around my age started laughing, covered her face and bent over her desk to hide her face.


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