Snippets, writing edition

Last night's editing session found the use of the word "suddenly" nine times in one scene. Just to be sure, I did a find/replace and found a handful of other uses, most of which were decidedly superfluous to the book. My writers' group is still teasing me about my suddenlys. This will become relevant...

ME: What is with me and the -ly adverbs in this book?
SELA: *looks*
ME: 'Sam said confidently.'
TICIA: 'Sam said with conviction.'
ME: 'Sam said, confident.' Or to hell with it. 'Sam said.'
SELA: 'Sam said. Confidence colored his words.'
ME: *gags* Bleeeeeeech.
TICIA: *stares in disbelief*
SELA: I like it!
ME: Don't make the soup come back up, please.
TICIA: *gestures to Sela* Romance. *gestures to me* Not romance.
ALL: *guffaw*
SELA: I like my fluffy descriptive words.
ME: 'Sam said.'
TICIA: With conviction!
SELA: Confidently!
ME: But he said it suddenly.
ALL: *loses it*

ME: Oh my god. What is the matter with me??
SELA: What now?
ME: Colin said quietly. Sam said confidently. Quinn said earnestly.
ME: Die die die. Is there any attribution where I didn't use an -ly adverb?
SELA: *stares at her own book* Oooh, she nodded firmly.
ME: No.
SELA: I can do it.
ME: No you cannot.
SELA: Yes I can. 
TICIA: Romance.
ME: How else would you nod? Hesitantly? *attempts to nod hesitantly*
TICIA: Suddenly.
SELA: I get one. 
ME: One per scene, no more.

ME: Honestly, the best advice I can give is to go to Imaginarium. The panels, the networking, the workshops, the number of small presses who attend and are actively looking for writers... 
SELA: I'm really excited about it.
ME: Actually, I think Jimmy was going to approach you about doing something about writing in romance. Because he writes romance -
TICIA: Whenever he posts about you on Facebook.
ME: *sporfle* I married the World's Sappiest Man.
SELA: Yes, you did.