Scripps: Day Two

It turns out I'm a dominant leadership style with a developer personality that becomes uncomfortable with limitations to my individuality and self-reliance. Also, I'm stubborn. But I figure Jim rigged the test from afar, so....

Lots of ideas shared and hypotheticals on dealing with certain situations that may arise. If I didn't already know that I tend to say "screw it" and take over a task rather than negotiate and coach teammates, I sure do now. I don't know that "belligerent" is a fair word, but I'll leave that to people who've worked with me to say and for me to keep disagreeing.

I don't know that I've had all that many surprises about myself; I'm a bit older than a lot of the other attendees, so I've had more time to get used to myself and figure out what makes me tick. That's one advantage to getting older. If you're not comfortable with yourself by the time you're thirty-nine-plus-tax, you probably have more issues going on than you can manage without therapy.

But I'm learning about other personality types, and how to work with them and motivate them. Sort of. Better: I've got a long list of ideas for ways to help the journalism community in St. Louis. That's my job now, at least in part. And that's important, for my newspaper and for my professional colleagues. We get too focused on what we are doing, and we forget to look up and see the bigger picture.

Tomorrow is wrapup, and plenty of time on the long drive home to mull over the training and try to figure out some ways to apply it to my various leadership roles. If nothing else, smoothly-running organizations won't sap nearly so much of my energy, and I might not always feel like I'm spinning plates.

I also listened to amazing blues with raunchy lyrics while drinking with my fellow journos. This whole weekend has been a bit of a flashback for me; I come back to Memphis all the time, but it's been ages since I walked down old Main Street, listened to the blues filtering out onto the cobblestones on Beale Street, and tossed a coin in the magic fountain.

It's cleaner now than it was in my youth, more touristy-corporate and less rundown-seedy. The film of danger is pretty well scrubbed away. It's still nostalgic as hell. I keep expecting to turn a corner and see a gang of twelve energetic college students, hanging around the old fountain and singing Disney songs at the couples riding by on the horsedrawn carriages, climbing the mountaintop statue on the corner and being refused entry to BB King's.

I did get carded at Wet Willie's, however. God bless them. Sing on, brother, sing on.


  1. Memphis is rundown and seedy. Dilapidated is the general word, outside the tourist districts.


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