Snippets, Buffy edition

Boy: Can we watch another episode?
Me: No.
Boy: Why not? 
Me: Because it's 3 a.m.
Boy: Oh crap.
Me: Yeah. 
Man: *snore*

Boy, watching evil ventriloquist episode: "Uh uh. Boarding the train to Nopeville."

CHARACTER: Well, we didn't get a busy signal, so we know she wasn't online.
BOY: Huh?
ME: *press pause* Okay, back then when you wanted to get online, you had to dial up through the phone line.
BOY: Wait, what?
ME: *long technical explanation*
BOY: Why didn't you just use wifi?
ME: Okay, let me start again.

The Buffy Binge has now reached season two, "Innocence." Boy says he now understands why everyone says Joss Whedon is so mean to his characters.

Me: I told you it got darker.
Boy: And they delivered.
Me: Right between the eyes. 
Boy: And then they all went home to kill themselves?

Me: What is taking so long?
Boy: I'm getting a snack!
Me: Again? You're missing Xander/Cordelia kissing!
Boy: And I walk slower.

Upon watching Angel...

BOY: Yes! Yesyesyesyes!
ME: *pause* Excuse me!
BOY: It's That Guy! The guy from Leverage! Yes!
ME: And The Librarians now, but those came later.
BOY: Yes!
ME: ...And at the time, I was saying, "Hey, it's that guy from Angel..."