Dear Joss Whedon

You're making my life difficult, and not in the usual leaf-on-the-wind manner. (Too soon! Too soon!)

We're in the middle of a Buffy rewatch, which doesn't really count as a rewatch when Boy has never seen it. Well, technically that's not true. A few years ago I tried to introduce him to the ways of the Buffster, but it seems I tried a little too early. He couldn't relate to "high school as a metaphor for hell" when he hadn't been to high school. He gets it now.

It was fairly simple up to the end of Season Three (which was just as awesome as I remember). But now we have the complication of Angel. It's a good show as well - it had its stumbles, but it's a bit more mature, a bit less black-and-white with its morality and has some interesting and complex storylines.

There's also mega crossovers.

And this is where you're making my life difficult. How do we handle it? Do we watch all of Buffy through (uck) Season Seven, or do we stop and watch Angel through its five years, or do we trade off, watching each episode in airing order?

The latter is what we've chosen. (Heh. Chosen. Shut up, I amuse myself.) First episode 4.1 of Buffy, then episode 1.1 of Angel, and so on. (By the way, Jim, that's where you have to catch up. More binging this weekend!)

This is awkward binge-watching, but how else will I explain the Faith, Spike and Oz crossovers in the first season alone? And then Buffy shows up, and then there's other wackiness that starts on one show and ends on the other, and whoa spoilers that time Willow shows up and...

I think the crossovers pretty much ended once Buffy switched networks, but by then we're committed. I suppose if we really wanted to get silly, we'd spend Buffy S7/Angel S4 interwoven with Firefly SOnly *sob*. Then we could get the full Joss experience, and possibly go mad.

Best part: My mother bought Boy a Sunnydale High t-shirt for Christmas, per his request. (He says thanks, Grandma! Loves it.)

Worst part: He wore the Sunnydale High shirt to school. And no one got it.

The earth is doomed.


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