I married a werewolf

SCENE: Getting ready for work after sleeping on the couch last night. The reasons for this will shortly be made clear. From behind the closed bedroom door...

MAN: *sleepy cry of protest*
ME: *enters bedroom* Problems?
MAN: You went away. Why did you go away?
ME: I did my best, dear. But I gave up about five a.m. and slept on the couch.
MAN: Why?
ME: I can hang in there through snoring, and the CPAP makes interesting hissy sounds. But when you started growling and humming in your sleep, that's when I gave up. The couch is not comfortable, but at least it's quiet, and I got to say goodbye to Ian.*
MAN: Growling?
ME: Seriously. You're a werewolf now?
MAN: Am not.
ME: Are too. You were growling.
MAN: I can't help it! I was asleep!
ME: Growling! I knew it. I married a werewolf. I should have known when you were writing your series that it was autobiographical.
MAN: Andrew is not a werewolf.
ME: Honey, he's a werewolf.
MAN: He is not!
ME: He's a shapeshifter who turns into a huge furry beast that can kill anything with a swipe of his claws. He's a damn werewolf.
MAN: Who flies.
ME: Fine. He's a werewolf who flies.
MAN: If you're going to use that word to describe Andrew you have to say he's a werewolf who flies.
ME: Absolutely, I can see how that makes a huge difference.
MAN: *snuggles* I'm sorry I growled.
ME: I think there was even a full moon last night. I'm going to ask our friends if they have any silver.


* Boy leaves for school at 5:30 a.m. Nobody is happy about that, especially Boy.


  1. Sorry, full moon was Saturday but he sounds like a werewolf.... that flies!


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