Fall Deathmarch stumbles into the final lap

Two time zones, three airports, four hours' sleep and five cabs in a 27-hour marathon brought me home today. Yesterday. I think.

I no longer remember what time zone I'm in or where I'm supposed to be, and this is posting tomorrow morning anyway. I stepped off the plane and went right back to work, and I am so tired I'm surprised this afternoon's story is in English.

For those who followed my misadventures on Twitter, I am going to hold off on narrating the insanity that was my return from Florida until I know how the story ends. Suffice to say it was the worst transportation mess I've ever been in, and hopefully ever will be.

My brain is still trapped at baggage claim in Chicago and my energy is stuck in a kiosk in Orlando, so I will hold off on anything more substantive until they catch up. I will report on the amazing Excellence in Journalism conference, which I cannot recommend more highly to any journalist in our field; on the delights of seeing Florida again three years after that vacation when Jimmy tripped on something, and yes, on my battle with American Airlines.

Best of all, I get to unpack for a while. This weekend is the relative sanity of a shift at the newspaper and Strange Folk (attendees, not doing a signing this time), and then it's Archon!

Advance warning: next week is the blog tour and review blitz for Nocturne Infernum. Have I mentioned the ebook is only $4.99 for all three books? Just a subtle hint.

Also, to the plethora of new folk joining me after the conference: this is my personal blog, not affiliated with either the St. Louis Pro chapter or the Belleville News-Democrat. My personal Tweets can be found at @edonald, and my journalism-related tweets are @BNDedonald.

Now... sleep.


  1. Wow, I just went back and read your tweets from your "trip" home. Between that and the transgender woman, apparently American Airlines forgot how to airline this weekend!


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