Dragoncon Stalking Guide

Actually, you stand a pretty good chance of finding me this year. Due to postal shenanigans, my name didn't go out in time for me to snag panels, so I'm a late addition. My panel schedule is pretty light. Does that mean I might actually get to attend a panel I'm not on? Shush with the crazytalk.

Thursday: Traveling to Nashville. Hi, y'all.

Friday: Traveling to Atlanta.
- Panel: "And That's the Truth!" on building a career with nonfiction. 2:30 p.m. Hyatt Embassy.

Saturday: Atlanta.
- Panel: "For Survival: Four Days Later" on basic survival techniques once you've lived past the initial Big Whatever. 4 p.m. Westin Chastain.

Sunday: Atlanta.
- Panel: "Developing Characters Who Come Alive," and I'm the moderator. Eeeek. Someone gimme questions! 2:30 p.m. Hyatt Embassy.
- Reading: Whatever I decide. Any suggestions? Offering a free limited-edition chapbook of Gethsemane while supplies last. 5:30 p.m. Hyatt Vinings, to be followed by alcohol.

Monday: Traveling to Nashville. Unspecified social gathering.

Tuesday: Home!

As I said, super light. I am not in the dealer's room, as I have run out of booths to bribe. I will have a small quantity of books with me, so if you want the new book, we can meet up! Or come to the reading, which is the best place to snag me.

I am not bringing my whole stock, and I am not bringing my artwork or posters unless specifically requested. Speak now or forever hold your pieces! This posts at noon Wednesday, so get your order to me at booksales @ elizabethdonald.com tonight and I'll be sure to reserve your stuff.

I will be live-tweeting from Dragoncon on @edonald, which auto-posts to my personal Facebook page. Apologies in advance for the massive spam, but I'll try to make the costume pics worth your time. I'll be tagging the Dragoncon posts and possibly adding #falldeathmarch, for the fall tour of crazy.

Up after Dragoncon: Imaginarium is next weekend in Louisville, Ky., then it's Excellence in Journalism in Orlando, Fla. Whee!