Another Dragoncon in the books...

Home again, for slightly more than 48 hours this time. Dragoncon was a pile of fun with very few sour notes, and despite the utter insanity of trying to get in and out of Hotlanta with 85,000 of my closest friends, I had a wonderful time.

I am not going to try to list all the people who were awesome this weekend, because I will inevitably leave someone out. I will note that Keith, Wrenn, Meredith and Heather were the best of roomies; it was always a party in our room. It was delightful to see old friends, meet new ones, and share the good words with all the terrific people in the panels. I am always grateful and honored to be among Dragoncon's guests, and the show never disappoints.

(Boy enjoyed all the cosplay pictures, by the way. And he is squeeing all over his vintage-style Captain America poster. It's possible I raised a geek.)

In case you missed it: The Daily Dragon did an interview with me, and I also participated in an author roundtable discussion on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.

I am dead on my feet, of course, but I get two days to snuggle with my menfolk and, of course, get back to work. Then it's off to Imaginarium, because I'm crazypants. 

As a side note: I sold the very last of The Cold Ones this weekend. There are still maybe a dozen copies of Blackfire available, but as you know, that series is out of print. If you bought Cold Ones and don't have Blackfire, I'd suggest picking it up soonish. Who knows when it will rise again...

But I want to take an extra moment to thank the good people who bought books from me. It may be a small thing to you, but it is a HUGE thing to those of us trying to haul books at a con. It helps us pay our expenses, and it reminds us that there are real people enjoying our work. That's a creative boon like no other, and it means everything to us. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the book.