BAMM BAMM (Maxwell's Silver Hammer...)

Scene: Impending meeting of the Eville Writers.

SNARKY BARISTA: Oh, I didn't realize you guys were coming in today.
ME: Oops. We moved the meeting by a week and I think we* forgot to tell you.
SB: Any idea how many will be here?
ME: As usual, I have no idea. Could four or forty. They never tell me.
SB: *laughs* What can I get you?
ME: Something caffeinated.
SB: *laughs* That we've got.
ME: Let's see... should I be good or bad...
SB: Bad. Bad is always more fun.
ME: Yes, but I don't think I've written nearly enough to deserve being bad. ** So I guess it's a large iced coffee, Splenda and skim.
SB: *rings up* And you don't have a discount card, right?
ME: Nope.
SB: I didn't know if we'd broken you yet. Ten to forty percent off!
ME: *grin* Not yet. I'll join when it's free.
SB: *evil* You know, it would've been free by now. You're in here every couple of weeks...
ME: Well, don't bring logic into it...
SB: I'm just saying.
ME: It's the principle of the matter.
SB: Of course.

Oh c'mon, BAMM. Go on and make your silly card free. Before y'all yell at me, I stopped at my local independent on my way here to buy the book they've been holding for me. But BAMM does have coffee, and enough tables for my writer's group.

Time to get to work. I've got a press release to write, press packets to put together, emails for the authors at next weekend's author fair, and I won't tell you how far behind I am with website updates and bookkeeping.

...writing? Do I still do that?

* By "we," of course I mean "I," since no one else is crazy enough to steer this ship.
** And all the "bad" stuff costs twice as much, but that's beside the point.