Mr. Utterson was a man of a rugged countenance that was never lighted by a smile

I love these things even though they make no sense at all. I fed this segment of the new book into the analyzer:

The flexglass slammed into place, right in front of Hawkins and Butler. A moment later, an older man struggling with a cane appeared with Anthony, a teenage sanitation worker that Hawkins had known since he was a midway scamp doing card tricks for the marks. His heart twisted as the old man banged on the flexglass with his cane.
         Then Selena emerged from behind the old man. She slammed her fists against the flexglass, silent screams that Hawkins could feel inside his chest.
         Butler shouted wordless curses at the flexglass, pressing his hands up against Selena's outstretched palms. Her lovely strawberry-blonde hair was tousled around her shoulders, her eyes filled with fear.
         I love you, her mouth seemed to say, though Hawkins could not hear it.

This is what I got:

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Heh. Of course, when I fed a fight scene in I got Harry Harrison, when I fed in drama I got Stephen King and when I fed in the sex scene I got Anne Rice.

I think I'll go late to the write-in and write like me.