Big Bird

This year, the boys are going to Memphis for Thanksgiving. J will be spending the holiday with his family - something he hasn't had much chance to do because previous jobs did not allow the time off. The boy will ride down with him to spend Thanksgiving with his father.

Me? I'm a slave to the world of journalism. As in, I gotta work. The fam is out of town, so are 98 percent of my friends. J already warns me he's gonna get it from the family for not bringing me. *waves hi* Sorry, fam, I'll meet you eventually...

Since we aren't going to be together for the holiday, we're having a private family Thanksgiving this Saturday. It's really my excuse to cook a giant meal... and I can eat off it the whole week while they're gone. My evil plan is working.

Me: Okay, how big a turkey should I get? There's only three of us.
Me: Cornish hen.
J: No!
Me: Itty bitty little turkey.
Me: Sparrow.
Me: Hummingbird.
J: Argh! NO! 20 pounds or more!
Me: A twenty-pounder might not even fit in my roaster!
J: I get the pan. Godzilla that baby!
Me: I'm just saying, you're gonna be the one stripping that carcass...
J: Yes!
Me: ... and cleaning the kitchen.

I love this arrangement. I make the mess, he cleans it up. Commence the Thanksgiving Cooking Countdown with cranberry nut bread and two pies...


  1. I work Thanksgiving Day myself.
    And I'm in charge of pies and noodles and cranberry-horseradish sauce.

  2. So far it looks like Schnucks has the best price per pound for turkey this year at 89 cents/lb, frozen, but all the chains are claiming that they will match each other's prices. At that price it's a good idea to cook the biggest one you can fit in the oven.

    Just buy a box of freezer bags for the leftovers. :-)


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