random thought of utter hubris

If I was to arrange an unofficial kaffeeklatsch at Dragoncon, would anyone be at all interested? I see the other authors arranging a time to sit and chat with readers, and wonder if that's something I should be doing, if I have fans that want to talk to me without the formality of a panel.

Nothing as organized as a Q&A, just a comfortable place to talk and answer questions like "When the hell are you going to publish Sanctuary" and "how long before I get my next Nocturnal Urges fix," which are the two questions I get the most this year. :)

On the other hand, if I just end up alone with a latte, I will feel really fucking stupid.



  1. Post this on the DragonCon LJ.

  2. Perhaps a few authors could gather round a table drinking coffee with an open invitation to their "Open Coffee Chat" and if no one else shows up, at least you can chat with each other about ... whatever you authoristas talk about ;)


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