Chronicles of the Muse: The Return

This was written while rewriting the original NU novella into the book Nocturnal Urges. Isabel was a voice born to make me write about emotions and true love and sex and all sorts of things that don't have a caliber attached to them. She tries, at least. -Mgmt.

Jan. 27, 2004

ME: Fuck.
ME: Not you. This sucks.
ISABEL: Well, it is a vampire story.
ME: God, you're dumb. We're heading full-tilt toward the Most Predictable Ending in Mystery History.
ISABEL: Hey, that rhymes.
ME: You know what this means.
ISABEL: Uh, no. I'm new here.
ME: Shower.
(I hop into the shower)
ISABEL: Why are you doing this?
ME: It's how I solve blocks. Nothing to distract me. I stay in the damn water until I figure out the problem.
ISABEL: You must have a great water heater.
ME: Now I do. When I lived in the apartment, I damn near got pneumonia solving some of the problems in "The Polaris Passage."
MUSE: Hey.
ME: Jesus! You scared the shit out of me.
MUSE: Shower, huh.
ME: No thanks to you. I've had to resort to Isabel the Flowery Romantic for my muse. Where the hell have you been all month?
MUSE: On vacation. Fuck this bullshit.
ME: Thanks for the encouraging words. What do you want?
MUSE: I know how this crap ends.
ME: Yeah, so do I. We wrote the synopsis, remember? We're stuck with the ending.
MUSE: But what if...
ME: No what ifs.
MUSE: You wanna stick with Snow White's bullshit or you wanna give me a crack at it?
ISABEL: Are you speaking to me?
MUSE: Can it, princess. (whispers in my ear)
ME: HA! I like it. It's awful. I mean, it's just so tragic and sad.
ISABEL: You can't kill me off. It's not allowed. Happily Ever Afters Only.
MUSE: I'd take my chances.
ME: Leave her alone.
MUSE: Wuss.
ME: Bite me.
MUSE: You gonna write it my way?
ME: Yep. You are such a bitch, you know that? They're gonna cry.
MUSE: You're welcome.
ISABEL: Why am I afraid?