The last time I'll bug you... (this year)

Y'all know my Relay for Life team finished up about $500 short of our goal. That's not so bad, considering we lost a few team members and were pushed indoors by a monsoon.

But I have until the end of August to make our goal and by God....

Since the Relay in June, my team has raised another $295. Because my team rocks. Special thanks to Macie Boyd, who came up with the bulk of that. Go Macie!

That leaves us $205 to raise by the end of the month.

I know I've asked before, and next year I'll be asking again. But this is important. This is cancer. We all know someone fighting cancer. Most of us know someone who died of cancer. It respects no boundaries. It kills our friends and family and loved ones, but it can be beaten.

Help us fight it. Even if all you can spare is the five bucks rattling around in your Paypal account. If you haven't had the chance or thought it was too late... help us out now. I know we can do it. Click the link below to donate via my Relay page.

If you prefer to donate to the whole team, their page link is here. Don't believe their totals; they haven't added in some of our funds raised yet.

As an extra sweetener, if you forward me your email receipt for your donation, I will send you your choice of an Aardvark short story (from or a coupon for free shipping. It's not much of a sweetener, but it comes from the heart. Send the receipts to elizabethdonald at yahoo dot com.

Thank you for putting up with my Relay blatherings all year, my friends. Your patience and support is always appreciated.