Warning: Bored Authors

This is what authors do when they're bored.

Stephen Zimmer posted about a book signing, and someone replied that he wished he could raise the money for his own book signing. For the purposes of this post, you should know what Shane Moore looks like.

SHANE MOORE: Why do you need money? They should pay to bring you in.
ME: Ditto. Book signings are one of the very few author promotions that cost you nothing.
STEPHEN ZIMMER: Elizabeth and Shane replied before I saw this, and both of them are correct. Author signings at book stores should never cost the author.
ME: If there is some bookstore that's charging authors for signings, we should step on that FAST. Author smash.
SHANE MOORE: You let me know. I am IN! Grrrr!
STEPHEN ZIMMER: That makes three of us… a new Musketeers?
ME: The first person to photoshop that gets a right cross.
SHANE MOORE: *slowly pushes laptop behind chair* Who would do such a thing?
ME: Shane, I trust you about as far as I can armwrestle you.
ANGELIA SPARROW: *is placing bets on Elizabeth*
STEPHEN ZIMMER: That's what I love about Elizabeth, she's got lots of spunk! (I haven't used the word spunk in a long time, thanks for the inspiration Elizabeth!)
ME: To be clear, I was not insane enough to challenge Shane to armwrestle. Me armwrestling Shane is roughly on a par with Stormtroopers in a shooting contest with Annie Oakley.
ME: And yes, that makes me a Stormtrooper and Shane is Annie Oakley. There might be a problem with that metaphor...

Meanwhile, H. David Blalock said nice things about me. So did the aforementioned Stephen Zimmer, John Everson, Pamela Turner and Dayton Ward. Well, the last three were just acknowledging having seen/met/listened to me. They could hate my guts for all I know, but I'm linking them anyway. This paragraph brought to you by Google Search: The Quest for More Ego! :)


  1. So...where's this Musketeers' pic?!?!


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