THE COLD ONES scores another big bite

 Warning: I wouldn't wait much longer to get THE COLD ONES if you haven't yet, folks. Good things are happening for my Things That Go Chomp in the Night.

I read from it, of course, and as usual they voted to hear it from the beginning. I never get to read the aswang sequence, dangit. At this point I'm considering Garage-Banding a reading and putting it on my web site just so I can get to read that sequence.

Anyway. Rough numbers coming in from this past weekend's exploits (con report pending) and strangely, I sold nearly twice as many copies as I did a few months ago in Memphis.

This is weird, because Hypericon is a mini-convention in Nashville, where I've never lived, and has at the most 300 attendees. In Memphis, where I lived for three years in college, Midsouthcon generally attracts between 1,500 and 2,000 people. And MSC really is a writers' con; between the high number of authors and publishers it attracts, Dan and Jackie Gamber's writers' workshop and the educational track in programming, we get a LOT of readers. Moreso this year than the last; total sales at MSC were easily double what they were in the Year That Shall Not Be Named.

But it just goes to show that logic and demographics only get you so far. Overall sales at Hypericon are usually just barely enough to pay our way, but they went for my zombies in a big way.

This means that we're within about a dozen copies of selling out the second printing of the Little Novella That Could. This is very nice for me and my publisher, and it makes me happy. But as always, I cannot guarantee anything about availability of my work when it's not physically in my hands. The publisher may choose to do a third printing; probably will, as it's only contracted for a year.

But that means if you don't get it quickly, it may not be available much longer. I always want my readers to be able to get my stuff. So I STRONGLY urge you, if you haven't gotten it yet, to pick it up soon before it disappears. I will make every effort to have it in hand for my fall appearances and the bookstore signings between now and then. But I cannot make you any promises.

Now back to work on the sequel...