LOCALS! Important!

Tuesday, June 15 is my team's RELAY FOR LIFE DAY at the Edwardsville Dairy Queen! The local DQ has kindly agreed to donate 20 percent of their receipts on Tuesday to my Relay for Life team, and I am so grateful for their support.

The only catch is: you have to have a coupon for us to get credit for your order! Whether it's a Blizzard or a full-out meal, you have to give them the coupon in order for your donation to get to us. The coupon can be downloaded from YouSendIt here, or it is available as a free download on The Literary Underworld. If anyone knows of an easier way for people to be able to download this coupon, PLEASE let me know. I will happily email it to anyone.

Please feel free to forward it on to friends, relatives and anyone else in the area who might be inclined toward supporting the American Cancer Society and/or likes ice cream. I'm figuring that's just about everyone!

And, as always, you can donate to the Relay team or directly to me, if you are so inclined. We have not yet made our goal for this year with one week to go, and we need your support!