more raffle prizes

As of now, my paltry offerings have been joined by:

• A copy of INTO DARK WATERS by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks;
• A complete set of Shane Moore's ABYSS WALKER series, autographed by the author;
• An original CD from folk musician Tom Atwood;
• A copy of M.B. Weston's ELYSIAN CHRONICLES, first edition.

I have also received this:

I'm a professional photographer and am willing to donate gallery quality prints of anything on my website (or other extensive catalog, upon request) to anyone who donates $50 or more to the trust up to 50 prints. They will shipped within 2-4 weeks of "McCall sale close", date to be negotiated. Forwarding me a copy of PayPal confirmation will serve as proof of donation, and if "gift" or "other" is marked in the PayPal designation they do NOT charge a service charge.

Well Wishes and Peace to all touched by this,

Roberta Mander Maghouin
SomewhatBent Images

Please donate via the web site as directed, and remember to forward me your paypal receipt so I can enter you in the drawing. Thank you all for your generosity.