Blackfire, Day Two

I got in a few hours of work and finished the opening sequence. Then I had a cigarette.

Okay, I don't smoke. But if I did, I would totally have busted out a cigarette after finishing that chapter. Of course, then the smoking police would have hauled me away for lighting up in a coffeehouse - we don't allow such things here in sunny Illinois. But I'm getting away from the point.

The point is that Sara's back.

There's a bit of melancholy to the opening. While THE COLD ONES started with a scream, BLACKFIRE is a bit more atmospheric. Sara is different now. She had to be, no human being could go through what I did to her in THE COLD ONES and emerge untouched.

And the place where Sara hides is important, to her character and to the story. I've done the best I could to capture Nantucket considering I've never been there. As much as I'd love to expense a Nantucket research trip, barring corporate sponsorship that ain't happening.

So far I'm pleased. It's a long road to Mordor and back, but I love writing Sara. She's possibly the second-most-badass character I've ever written - no one beats Aurora Crawford - but she's also the most dedicated. She's still a Marine at heart, still one to step up and take the shit assignment because it needs doing and she can get it done. I do love my Sara.