Blackfire, Day One

There's a method to my madness. I didn't stop SANCTUARY just because it's an endless behemoth with no hope of publication or being, y'know, good. I stopped because I had a new book to write. Temporary title: BLACKFIRE.

And we had a good start.

Not bad for a first day, though we're nearly 2,000 words in and we're just getting to the first monster. But I think I'm doing okay at capturing a place I've never been. I've been obsessed with Nantucket Island to an unhealthy degree for many years, and though I can never afford to actually visit it, I knew when Sara Harvey ran away, Nantucket is where she went.

Plus I really love my opening line.

"Sara Harvey thought she was doing pretty well until the corpse started in with the puns."

Watch this space. I'm hopeful this one might not suck.

P.S. Thanks to Cole Gibsen and Rebekah Shelton for putting up with my endless questions. NO THANKS to the smartasses on Twitter. I ask a simple question about Nantucket and immediately the limerick war begins...

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket
His daughter named Nan
Ran off with a man
And as for the bucket ... Nantucket.


  1. Sweet!
    I think the "real" Sara Harvey might have been to Nantucket once, but when I was reaallly little. Hence I had no help for you, nor any limericks.
    Although I was tempted. But then I remembered, I ave to room with you in a few weekends and thought better of it.

  2. You do know there is a Star Trek Tie-in novel called Blackfire. It's by Sonni Cooper and considered one of the best.

    Spock ends up in Federation prison and turning pirate with a look-alike Romulan.


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