Sanctuary Day Zillion and Two

Today's work:

4,118 / 2,000

This month:

I'm slogging along until I reach the end of Part Two, then we switch to the new project. I don't think it will go along at nearly this pace. Nothing ever does. God, I love this book. I'm under no illusions that it's the great American novel, or even that it's something new or different. I just love it anyway.

It's also standing at 72,495 words and we're not even halfway done. When I finish and edit it, I will have to take the drastic step of *gasp* CUTTING words. Usually I'm fleshing them out. But yipes, this thing's going to be the magna carta before I get it done. It's my STAND, my opus, the book that wants to kill me and very well may...

And I love it anyway.


  1. Make it a multi-part novel?

  2. John Pender: It's really about the economics of publishing; I'm not a big enough name to carry that long a book. I think. Maybe. We'll see in the final draft.


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