WIP at last

God-damn. I could use more days like this.

It's a cautious joy, writing something I love and knowing it's what I really wanted to do. Joyful because I love this story, love these characters and I think I'm making it better. Cautious because as much as I love this book, it's never right, and there's no one to buy it.

I wish I had the security of established contracts. I hate writing on spec. And yet most of my work is on spec. Is that because I'm small press? Is it because I have yet to land with one solid publisher - poly-published? Is it because I suck like a Hoover and nobody loves me?

Ah, the reasons writers drink. :)

Still, I'm having so much fun I don't want to stop even though my fingers are numb, my wrist is sore and it's midnight with work in nine hours. It's been a long time since I felt this way. And I didn't even kill anyone today.


  1. When the story is right, the words come. And will you STOP with that "I'm never going to get this right" garbage already? You get it right a lot of the time.

    Small press is always on spec. And when you had a contract you stressed about the deadlines. Write. Worry about selling later.

  2. yes, Angelia is right...

    wasn't it Stephen King who said something about how writers write, that's just what they do?

    So I say fuck it, write. I do, and while there are a few of those times where I wonder if my stuff is good enough, most of the time I'm writing for me because I >AM< a writer and just putting words on paper and bleeding thought into my own realities is good enough for me.

    Perhaps one day I'll get published. If I do, then sweet, if not it won't matter because I >HAVE< written, and I continue to do so be damned what others think...

    Live in that story, let it take flight, revel in the way your mind creates the world and shapes the characters...

    Enjoy the journey!


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