radio dramas return

Dark Fantasy is doing what I have long hoped podcasting might eventually do: return the radio drama to our airwaves.

Please click here for their submission guidelines.

I'm up to my eyeballs in projects, but don't think I'm not seriously thinking about this. Adapting one of my short stories to a script format? Hmmm. Squee.

Sometimes, when stuck on a scene, I will switch to script format and write it that way. I've busted through many a block using this technique, and it never fails to jar loose some characterization. In fact, my short story "Memory Lane" began life as a one-act-play script, just to see if I could. I sometimes wonder if it lost something in the translation to prose, as some readers have told me they lose track of which character is which. There's maybe one too many men in the room. On the other hand, it's regularly cited as my most disturbing story by male readers. So, win for me.

I am bookmarking Dark Fantasy's sub guidelines, but more to the point: I hope to see more radio drama on the podcast airwaves. There is so much we can do with this marvelous and FREE* medium. So many ways to be creative and entertain the world. Exciting, yes?

* Technically.


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Perhaps its best to start at the end of the journey. When the heroes stagger out of the mist for that last round of daring do, how have they been changed by there travels, hardships. How in turn did this mold them for the task at hand?

    Knowing who they need to be makes sense, so at the beginning they can be a bit more immature, spoiled even grating at times before the crucible has a chance to melt out the dross and leave the pure metal behind. The swamp is background, use the encounter tables for some of the terrain descriptions if you need locals or a quick trip to the library for some inspiration.

    Creating characters is the most difficult then changing them over time, brining out part of their suppressed nature and having maturity rise over the more childish behavior.

    If these characters have to survive the trilogy you can truly see them grow over time. Hang in there, don’t doubt the gift.


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