Book Release!

I am happy to announce that A MORE PERFECT UNION is available as of today from Ellora's Cave Publishing.

A MORE PERFECT UNION is the sequel to last year's NOCTURNAL URGES, which won the Darrell Award and was a finalist for the Prism Award. It's an erotic vampire mystery/political thriller. Follow the bouncing genres! Seriously, I had a lot of fun writing this book, and I hope it'll be as fun for you.

Along with A MORE PERFECT UNION, today my CafePress shop reopens with more products, new designs, some really cool stuff!

Muchas gracias to graphic designer Devin Harris, who accomplished some spectacular work on very short notice. I just wish her "Hard Rock Cafe" takeoff could be offered to you guys, but CafePress apparently is a) chickenshit or b) never heard of the "parody" exception to copyright infringement. I personally once owned a Hard-Rock-style T-shirt with "Ten-Forward" on it. Yes, I am an enormous geek. Bite me.

So drop by the shop. The money goes to fund my appearances at cons, which is becoming my single largest expense. I really want to keep attending cons, and not just to sell my books - it lets me hang out with you guys! So drop by!