Return of Snippets

Hey look, I still have a blog! The Fall Deathmarch Tour ate me. I was going to blog about New Orleans, and Memphis, and Louisville, and Dupo, and all the other places I've traveled for the last six weeks. (One of those things is closer than the others.)

About searching for non-spicy non-seafood on Bourbon Street, trying to find our way out of Louisville in the middle of a marathon, my first photography award, and getting censored by Facebook. Somehow none of that got written down...

In the meantime, have these.

JIM: Trying to read Emerson. I want to die.
ME: Why?
JIM: Boooooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg!
ME: You mean complex. Multifaceted. Challenging.
JIM: Boooooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg!
ME: Stimulating. Formidable. Demanding.
JIM: Boooooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg! Long overstuffed windbaggery!
ME: I'm not sure windbaggery is a word.
JIM: It is now.
ME: I'm pretty sure you're not just allowed to make up your own words, English major.
JIM: Yes I can.

CHARACTER 1: You know how to defuse a bomb, right?
CHARACTER 2: I've seen it done.
BOY: Oh please. Just cut the wire that isn't part of the American flag. It's probably the yellow one.
ME: From your extensive experience in bomb disposal, natch. Where do you get this shit?
BOY: Sources.

ME: Could we get more stereotypical?
BOY: Yeah. He's the tough soldier who apparently has never seen a time travel movie.
ME: And she's brilliant but flibbertygibbet. And they have a black sidekick!
BOY: *two thumbs up*
ME: I hope this gets better.

ME: *dramatic sigh*
JIM: What?
ME: I want to play hooky.
JIM: You have to work today.
ME: I don't want to be me today. I want to be... a flower.
JIM: What kind of flower?
ME: Snapdragon.
JIM: Sounds like the kind of flower you'd be.
ME: ... wait. HEY!

JIM: Off to school. *kisses*
ME: Okay. Have a good day, learn things, play nice with the other children.
JIM: Nope, I'm gonna beat em up.
ME: Well then be sure to get their lunch money.
JIM: Will do.


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