Identity theft or just really silly?

For the second time, I've reserved a room in a Chicago library.

Um, not me. The other me.

I've often joked that I must be two people at any given time, because the ethical and practical restrictions of my job require a separation between Elizabeth-me and Reporter-me. My worlds do collide, but rarely. Most of the time, the author-editor-person is doing one thing while the reporter-ethicist is doing something else. I've sometimes referred to one as my evil twin. (Note: the author is the evil one.)

But unless I've developed a serious psychological problem heretofore unknown to me, I am not reserving study rooms at a library in a Chicago suburb. However, someone is doing so with my name and email address.

The first time this happened, I received the email notification while I was on the road in.... you know, I honestly don't remember. It might have been Nashville, or Atlanta, or Kansas City. I only remember because I was sitting in my hotel room when I called the library to ask what was going on.

They were as befuddled as I. They said they use the reservation system to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at using the rooms, but that there was no cost or obligation involved. So why in heaven's name would someone use my name and email to reserve a room? What benefit does it give them?

At any rate, I informed them that the person in the room was Not Me, and that they needed to be duly made aware because I would not be liable for any costs or damages. They agreed, and we hung up.

It happened again. An email notification that Someone Who Is Not Me used my name and email address to reserve a room on Tuesday. I immediately emailed the library back. I have not gotten a response yet.

In practicality, the impact is probably negligible. It's a tad concerning, sure, but it's not like my name isn't out there. I'm a public person, and the email account they're using is my public email. (Those with my private email, please do not share.) As I've often said, in either of my personas, anyone who tried to steal my identity would probably give it right back with an apology and a donation. If you're gonna steal, steal from someone who HAS something.

But if you don't think I'm stirring the plot sifter with this....