Father's Day Drive

Jim and I were alone on Father's Day, so we drove up the Great River Road and had wine at the Pere Marquette Lodge. Jimmy got sleepy and I did some shooting. We love Pere Marquette; the views are so spectacular they can't really be captured with my photographic skill (yet) and it's a giant no-cell zone, which was poorly timed since the phone died in the middle of chatting with my dad.

This was my second experiment with manual focus. I switched back and forth between manual and autofocus in the prom shoot, but that was different; I was using a tripod with humans who mostly stood still. This was handheld on a floating dock or by the side of the river on unstable rock. Turns out there's a few kinks in the system. One of them: It's really hard to adjust manual focus when the sun is shining directly in your eyes. I tried sunglasses, but then I could barely see at all.

Here's a few of them. I will have to decide which go up on the shop; I can't afford to put all of them out there anymore, and I'm slowly phasing out the ones that don't sell as well. If I ever get a handle on this new software, I'm planning to build a separate photography site. If I get a handle on this software...

Pick two for the site!

River Shed across from Pere Marquette

Feeder stream to the Mississippi. Jim thinks there are mega-bass in this inlet.

Grafton Lighthouse

Fishing Boat - the color was unremarkable here, so I tried black and white

Sunset on the Great River Road

Birds on the Bluff - I'd need a much better lens to get close to that eagle

Full Moon - I think this one is my favorite.