Prayers for Pauline

I have not said much publicly because, frankly, just about everyone who knows us is on Jim's Facebook feed as well as mine. So most of you know that his mother has been in the hospital and is not doing well.

Tonight we got word that they have to stop dialysis for her, as her heart simply can't take the strain. That ends most of the lifesaving options, and all that is left now is to make her as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Jim is catching a bus to Memphis tomorrow night (tonight, when you're reading this). He and his brother will drive down to Jackson, Miss. on Thursday, so Jim can say his goodbyes. From there we play it by ear, as it is all in God's good graces now.

I don't have the words for what Jim and his family is going through, or anything like coherent words to write about Pauline and what she means to us. I hope those words will come, because it's all I know how to do. 

In the meantime, I ask your prayers, good thoughts and healing energy for the Gillentine family, for Ian (who spent a long, sunny afternoon with Pauline and got to know her shortly before we officially joined the family) and especially for Jim and the Super Stepkids, who love their Nanny so very much.


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